Here's just a small sampling of the projects we've done.

4.2 surround sound system. 80" flat panel TV. There are 3 zones to this system that include the kitchen and living room music, as well as the rear porch. Each zone is discrete, and can play sources individual to each zone, simultaneously.



5.1 surround sound system. Notice the LCR (Left, Center, Right) ceiling speakers. These speakers have angled woofers that direct the sound towards the listening position. They are great for rooms where a stealthy installation is important. This is also a 3 zone system. The network capability of the receiver allows easy control from a phone or tablet, and access to online sources like Pandora etc. The PC programmed universal remote (by URC) makes watching TV or movies as easy as pressing one button. The equipment is located in a hall closet.

This is a re-purposed space. Constructed originally for a large rear projection TV, it was closed in so a flat panel TV could sit flush to the front of the space. This left space beneath the TV for speakers and a subwoofer. The equipment is in the cabinet to the right. An RF base station allows the URC remote to communicate to the equipment. This is a 2 zone system, and several rooms of music play through the second zone, including online music.